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Hmmm... What kinda bag are you looking for? Shoulder carry, top handle or crossbody! The vernis and MC are rather expensive than the Azur like the other girlies mentioned above! The Alma BB is 670 a little over budget but it won't be available in the UK until early November according to my SA... You could always buy other pieces pre loved.Give us a little more direction as to what you're looking for and I'm sure the ladies will give you some good guidance and suggestions! louis vuitton bag,

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tough choice. I'd say speedy only because I prefer Alma in Vernis or Epi. louis vuitton bags

I Love my Idylle Speedy, here is my reveal with pictures :) Quick Reveal - Idylle Speedy 30 <3 louis vuitton outlet
I suppose you are fully relieved now ! Congrats ! louis vuitton purse
Without. So much cuter. It's meant to look like a little handheld piece of luggage. Plus, being a roundish shape, it doesn't hang that nicely from the strap. louis vuitton handbags

I love MC SLG's, especially wallets. A nice pop of color in your bag!! louis vuitton luggage